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  • For a total escape from the beach, head to the hills intoSanta Teresa’s bohemian hub.
  • Select your travel preferences below and let a local travel planner with ViaHero take it from there.
  • With fewer job offers and basic products getting increasingly costly, life in cities became more expensive.
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The above bars and restaurants are great places to relax and enjoy Rio’s vibrant lifestyle. As a solo woman, you can go to these bars and restaurants and enjoy your own company without people hassling you. However, if you do want to meet other people, these are friendly venues and you can easily strike up a conversation with others if you want – it will be on your terms.

The real dream of most brazilians is emigrating, most of them can’t because they dont have enough funds for it. They have beautiful ladies, amazing beaches and also is a paradise in the earth, ! If you don’t know about Rio, don’t make comments . Also, it seems that most shop keepers and clerks expects you to purchase something in the store before giving out any information.

However, transportation is a spot where getting local advice is important. Our trip planners tell us that riding city buses can be dangerous, especially at night where pickpockets and muggers operate—some of the buses stop in the favelas. But locals say that in a city like Rio, you’ll find that some neighborhoods are safer than others . Brazilians saw their income shrink during the pandemic. With fewer job offers and basic products getting increasingly costly, life in cities became more expensive. Although this context affected everyone, women were left more vulnerable than men. Black and brown women were harder hit than white women, since the pandemic exacerbated Brazil’s social inequalities and issues rooted in structural racism.

All these outdoor activities are perfectly safe and ideal for a solo woman traveling in Rio. In themid-range categoryis Casa da Feijoada in Ipanema, Rio’s tourist hub.

New arrivals in Valentino Boutique – Rio de Janeiro

There is no subway there so it’s best to use Uber to get up and down the hill. Santa Teresa is a great neighborhood but be careful after-dark and never walk alone in the evening. Equally famous isCopacabana, Rio’s most iconic neighborhood. Copacabana is a lively area filled with the hustle and bustle of daily life. The beach here gets crowded on the weekends and is filled with sports lovers, sunbathers and beach vendors. It’s the best place for an evening stroll and its famous black and white promenade remains busy after dark. Copacabana has plenty of great bars and restaurants.

Don’t Miss the carnival

You’re only truly safe in hotels or gated communities. However a gang of women surrounded my then partner and was talking to him asking him to buy certain items while another rooted in his back pocket until I turned around. So please keep your items out of reach and not in back pockets or even front ones, it really is down to common sense.

For 30 years I have lived in about 100 countries. I travel all year long and I am always interested in trying to learn the core of the cultures I visit and its nature. Curiosity and the beauty of our planet is what keeps me motivated to travel it.

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Rio de Janeiro is warm during the whole year, although the cool breeze sometimes blows from the Atlantic Ocean. Currency – The Brazilian Real is the currency in Brazil and it is very cheap to the US dollar. You need approximately 200 R$ to 300 R$ per day. When exchanging the money, you can find better rates at shops with the sign “Cambios”. Public spending on education rose from 3.5 percent of GDP in 2001 to 6.1 percent of GDP in 2011, resulting in improved educational attainment for both women and men. The Columbia Women’s Leadership Network in Brazil Program selects annual groups of professionals with the goal of creating a growing network of women who will contribute to the transformation of Brazil.

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